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FC-RF1023 RF Transceiver RF Module
FC-RF1023 is UHF ISM Band Wireless RF module Operating UHF 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz ,The RF data rate can reach 100kbps at distances up to 800 meters within 100 mA Low Power Comsuption. Contact
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    FC-RF1023 RF Transceiver is a compactsurface-mounted half-duplex FSK module. It is a low-cost small-size wirelessmodule with SPI for embedded applications. There is an external 128 bytesEEPROM to save the data used for frequency calibration. MCU will read the datain EEPROM after power-on to calibrate the frequency. It contains 64 byte FIFObuffer, which can relieve the MCU’S load while processing the data. This makesit possible for a low-cost MCU to implement high-speed data transmission task.The RF data rate can reach 100kbps. The module with optional FEC, CRC andManchester encoding can realize stable and reliable data transmission. Aline-of-sight range of 500 meter can be achieved at 433MHz.




    Frequency band

    315MHz / 433MHz /470MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz optional

    Operation voltage


    TX current

    90mA @ 20dBm

    RX current


    Sleep current


    RF output power

    maximum 20dBm(0dBm-20dBm programmable)

    RF data rate


    Receiver sensitivity

    -120dBm@2Kbps Dev = 8K


    -116dBm@10Kbps   Dev = 12.5K


    -110dBm@50kbps   Dev = 18.75K


    -107dBm@100Kbps   Dev = 37.5K


    -104dBm@150Kbps    Dev = 56.25K

    Modulation mode


    Program interfaces

    SPI and IIC digital interface


    18.6×17.55×5mm(Length X width X height)

    Operation temperature


    Storage temperature

    -55 °C,+125 °C


    Ø  Intelligent homecontrol system

    Ø  Wireless RFID tag

    Ø  Wireless sensor

    Ø  POS terminal

    Ø  Industrial datatransmission

    Ø  Automatic datacollection system

    Ø  Wireless remotecontrol

    Ø  Wireless AMR forwater, gas and hot, electricity and other meters.

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