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FC-RF103 RF Transmitter Module
FC-RF103 is 420 MHz to 440 MHz Low-Cost MINI-Size Transmitter module. It is recommended to work with FC-RF104 RF Receiver which enable the simple implementation of a data link at up to 20 kbps at distance up to 250 meters within 16 mA Low power comsumption. Contact
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    Technical Specifications

    •Work frequency: 420MHz~440MHz
    •Center frequency : 433.92MHz
    •Work voltage: DC 3V (2.2--3.6V)
    •Transmit current: 16mA@10dbm
    •Sleep current: <1uA
    •RF power: Max 10dBm
    •RF data rate:: Max 20kbps
    •Modulation: FSK / ASK
    •Programming interface: SPI
    •Dimension: 17.6×16.1×5mm (L×W×H)
    •Work Temperature: -40℃--+85℃

    •Storage Temperature: -55℃--+125℃

    Typical Applications

    •Remote control
    • Wireless sensor
    •Garage door opener
    •TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor)
    • Wireless toy

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