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FC-301 Data Radio Modem (FC302 is recommended for new designs)

The FC-301/D Series of Radio Modem from Friendcom utilizes 

the latest technology in its design and manufacturing. Both the 

UHF and VHF models are PLL (Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer) / 

microprocessor controlled, and offer one to five watts of power 

with 16 channel capability. Multiple functions including AC audio 

coupling, 1200 to 9600 baud rates GMSK and FSK modulation 

capability are standard in these fully programmable wide band-

width Radio Modem units.

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    Programmable 1W-5W Output Power
    12.5KHz/25KHz Channel Spacing
    Programmable 16 Channels
    CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
    Data-Voice Compatible
    Fully PC Programmable
    LED Status Indicator
    FSK,FFSK & GFSK Modem Option





      Frequency Band



      Channel Spacing

      25KHz/12.5KHz optional

      RF Output Power

      1W - 5W Programmable

      Modulation type

      16K0F3E, 8K5F3E

      Intermediate Frequency

      45.1MHz & 455KHz

      Number of Channels


      Frequency Stability


      RX Sensitivity(12dB Sinad)

      UHF<-117 dBm, VHF <-118 dBm

      Operation Rating

      Intermittent 5:5:90 ( TX: RX: Standby)

     Power Supply

      12.5V DC Nominal Voltage

     TX Current (5W RF Power, 12.5V)

      < 1.5A

     Standby (Muted) Current


     Operating Temperature Range

     from –30°C to +65°C


     (120mm)L x (60mm)W x (20mm)H

     Time TX to RX

     < 20 ms

     Time RX to TX

     < 25 ms



     Antenna Impedance

     50 Ohm

     Antenna Port

     BNC connector, female


    • Industrial telemetry & wireless remote control

    • Gas and oil flow monitoring
    • Electricity, water and gas utilities
    • Earthquake, weather, environmental protection and urban lighting control
    • Vehicle tracking and asset tracking systems
    • Water monitoring, waste water management and irrigation control
    • Railway, police, army automation system
    • Aerial defense and fire alarm system
    • Wireless Paging system

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