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WMB13-868 868MHz Wireless M-bus Module

WMB13-868 wireless M-Bus module follows the wireless M-BUS protocol 

and supports S, T, R2 and C modes.  It measures 13.7*25.4*3.4 mm.  

Its UART interface is used for serial communication and configuration. 

The module incorporates a deep sleep mode for super-low consumption 

power consumption, returning to full operation when sensing activity on 

the serial port. For programming and trials, the module has been mounted 

onto a user board, providing easy access via standard connectors.  

The WMB13-868 Wireless M-bus Module is a good choice for smart metering 


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    WMB13-868 wireless M-Bus module follows the wireless M-BUS protocol. It has a UART interface for serial communication 

    and configuration. The dimension is 13.7*25.4*3.4 mm. WMB13-868 can work in S, T, R2 and C mode. It works in sleeping 

    mode with super-low consumption power and be wakened up via serial port. By mounting the module onto the user 

    board, it is easy to use through serial port communication protocol. UART interface Wireless M-bus Module 

    WMB13-868 with meter reading application is a good choice for smart metering.


    Item Min Typ. Max Unit
    Frequency bands 868   870 MHz
    Number of channels   12    
    Supply voltage VCC 2.2 3.3 3.6 VDC
    Voltage on any pin VCC-0.7   VCC VDC
    TX Current (RF_POWER=5/10dbm)   40   mA
    RX Current   24   mA
    Sleep Current   0.6   uA
    Input/output impedance   50   Ohm
    RF Data rate   4.8
    Max RF output power(VCC=3.3V)   10   dBm
    Sensitivity, 32.768K   -102   dBm
    Spurious emission, TX
    < 1 GHz
    > 1 GHz
    Sensitivity(32.768K)   -102   dBm
    1 MHz
    4 MHz
    8 MHz
    Image Rejection   –30   dBm
    Spurious Emissions     -54 dBm
    Harmonics     –42 dBm
    Minimum RST Low Time to
    Generate a System Reset
    15     μs
    Operating temperature -40   80 °C
    Storage temperature -50   150 °C
    Weight   5   g


    • AMR/AMI
    • Electricity meters
    • Gas and Water meters
    • Heat meters, Heat cost allocators
    • Handheld device and gateways
    • In-Home Display and wireless sensor

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