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FC-704 Wireless M-Bus USB Dongle

FC FC-704 is a plug and play Wireless M-Bus USB adapter, 
primarilyused in concentrator or network management areas. 
It follows the Wireless M-Busprotocol and supports S, T, R2 
and C modes. The adapter is pre-certified foroperation under 
European Union regulations. 

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    FC-704 is a plug and play Wireless M-Bus USB adapter, primarily used in concentrator or network management 

    areas. It follows the Wireless M-Bus protocol and supports S, T, R2 and C modes. The adapter is pre-certified 

    for operation under European Union regulations. The USB adapter was designed to support mobile diagnostic 

    equipment and personal computers used for installation, maintenance and portable meter reading functionality 

    in Wireless M-Bus utility networks.  It is a complementary companion product to the FC703 M-Bus node installed 

    in many gas,heat, water and electricity meters. Power for the FC 704C dongle is obtained through the USB 

    physical interface.   Data communications to the host unit are simplified through hardware conversion of the USB 

    data stream into a UART protocol.


    • USB-powered
    • Compliant and Certified to European standard EN 300 220
    • Operates in the 868MHz-870MHz band
    • UART seria lcommunications for configuration, control and exchange data
    • Plug and Play installation
    • 255 bytes internal buffer for data transmission


    Various base meters(water, gas, heat and electricity) utilize the FC-703C end point node module to create a 

    Wireless M-Bus meter network. FC-704 USB adapter was designed as a concentrator RF interface and as such, 

    can be attached to fixed or portable computers used for field network diagnostics and to mobile meter reading 


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