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FC-701 Ultra-Low Power module

FC-701 is an ultra-low power wireless data acquisition module 

developed by Friendcom. It works in 433MHz or 868MHz ISM 

license-free band. FC-701 supports frequency spatial multiple-

xing of multi-frequency points and frequency hopping to ensure 

reliable transmission of data. 

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    FC-701 is an ultra-low power wireless data acquisition module developed by Friendcom.  It works in 

    433MHz or 868MHz ISM license-free band. FC-701 supports frequency spatial multiplexing of multi-

    frequency points and frequency hopping to ensure reliable transmission of data. Under stand-by state, 

    it fall in sleep mode and periodically wake up to detect signal to achieve ultra-low power consumption.

    With a 3.6v lithium battery, two dry reed switches, a motor and antenna plus mechanical parts of water 

    or gas meter, wireless meter reading and billing functions can be realized.   FC-701 works in transparent 

    mode, it can communicate with all UART (RS485 / RS232 / TTL/M - BUS) equipment.


    • Automatic meter reading (AMR) 
    • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
    • Intelligent fire prevention system
    • Intelligent street lighting control
    • Intelligent Agriculture
    • Mobile Asset Management

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