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FC-402-W/G Photodiode Direct Reading Sensor

The Direct Reading Sensor uses photoelectric and OCR (Optical 

Character Recognition) technology to read and interpret character 

wheel data. It eliminates cumulative error since it directly reads 

and digitizes the digits on the meter wheels.  

The Sensor has sleep modes and is only activated when reading 

needed, greatly extending battery life. This sensor was designed 

to automate water & gas meters.

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    Photo diode Direct Reading Sensor uses photoelectric direct reading technology to read character wheel data. It can eliminate 

    the reading error to zero compared with traditional meter reading thus to avoid cumulative error. Moreover, it is only activated 

    when reading needed, greatly extending battery life. The sensor is typically used for water& gas metering.

    Smart Water Meter:

    Smart Water Meter


    Smart Gas Meter:

    smart water meter

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