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FC-409A/B Wireless Ear Tag Reader

The FC-409A/B acts as a wireless ear tag reader and can also be 

used as a repeater.  It automates, monitors and creates a record 

of animal health and body temperature.  During beef processing, 

it can also be used to record and assure cold chain control.   

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    Reader and Repeater:

    • The reader has a 300meter range that can be extended to 1000 meters through a repeater.  (LOS)
    • The reader can beprogrammed to record real time data from the Repeater or ear tag every 10minutes (15, 20
       minutes optional) 

    • The reader provides adirect interface to a PC, enabling data manipulation, recording and printing.

    Technical Specifications

    Frequency: 433.92Mhz
    Transmission distance in-line-of-sight: 300 meters
    Repeater Range in-line-of-sight: 700 meters
    Operating Voltage: DC 5V
    IP Level: IP65

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