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FC-series Data Radio

The Friendcom FC-series data radios have been designed and certified for worldwide ISM band (UHF & VHF) frequencies. 

These products are configurable using PC software tools, enabling customization of a number of parameters including 

frequency band and RF transmit power.  Each radio can function as a remote radio, a repeater or an access point radio.  

Many of these products also support push-to-talk voice communication and POCSAG paging. Friendcom data radios are 

stable and mature products with installations in over 80 countries.  Radios are offered as modules for integration into OEM 

equipment and in multiple enclosed form factors up to and including an IS-66 waterproof and dustproof cases. 

FC-301 Data Radio Modem (FC302 is recommended for new designs)
5W UHF / VHF Narrow-band Radio Modem.
FC-302 Data Radio Modem
High Speed 5W UHF / VHF Radio Modem with RS232 serial interface
FC-303 Data Radio Module (FC302 is recommended for new designs)
Low Cost, 2W RF Transceiver Module for Voice Transmission.
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