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WirelessM-Bus Module & USB Adapter

FriendcomWireless M-bus(WM-Bus) Series Module employ the standard Wireless M-bus EN13757-3,

EN13757-4 and EN13757-5 Protocols, These modules consist of an UART interface ForSerial 

Communication and configuration and are certified for operation underthe Europea Radioregulations.

WM-BusModules are commonly applied on AMR(Automatic Meter reading)/AMI(Aadv MeteringInfrastructure) 

With different Type of Meters Such as Water, Electricity, Gasand Heat.Usuallyan electricity meter, 

with an embedded WM-Bus module, acting as the masterwhile other meters acting as slaves on the 

communication network built by theWM-Bus modules.



 •  Automatic Meter Reading (ARM)

 •  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

 •  Electricity Meters

 •  Gas and Water Meters

 •  Heat meters, Heat Cost Allocators

 •  Readers and Concentrators

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