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Friendcom Data Radio

FC-seriesData Radio

Friendcomhas developed FC-series data radio for a very long time, with differentfrequencies(ISM band, UHF&VHF) 

and different RF output powers, support PCprogramming via software, capable to work as network radio, remote 

radio orrepeater.

Thedata radio market did not see a growing, but we keep on going to improve ourstate of the art data radio 

products to satisfy the ever-increasing functionand performance demands of our long run customers from 80

 countries all overthe world.


Precisionagriculture was enabled by mounting GPS and data radio and an array ofreal-time sensors together 

to seeders or sprayers. The sensors measureeverything from chlorophyll levels to plant water status,

 multi- andhyper-spectral aerial and satellite imagery while the real position isprecisely decided by comparing 

with GLatLng information using data radiocommunication and GPS positioning.

radiomodem- oil

Dataradio applications in oil field as a very important market see a strong growsfor flow measurement, 

pipeline level, sensor, process control, valve control,SCADA data communication, pistol positioning and 

alarming system.


 •  Industrialtelemetry & wireless remote control

 •  Gasand oil flow monitoring

 •  Electricity,water and gas utilities

 •  Earthquake,weather, environmental protection and urban lighting control

 •  Vehicletracking and asset tracking systems

 •  Watermonitoring, wastewater management and irrigation control

 •  Railway,police, army automation system

 •  Aerialdefense and fire alarm system

 •  WirelessPaging system


FC-seriesData Radio



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