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Friendcom Data Radio

FC-seriesData Radio

Friendcomhas developed FC-series data radio for a very long time, with differentfrequencies(ISM band, UHF&VHF) and different RF output powers, support PCprogramming via software, capable to work as network radio, remote radio orrepeater.

Thedata radio market did not see a growing, but we keep on going to improve ourstate of the art data radio products to satisfy the ever-increasing functionand performance demands of our long run customers from 80 countries all overthe world.


Precisionagriculture was enabled by mounting GPS and data radio and an array ofreal-time sensors together to seeders or sprayers. The sensors measureeverything from chlorophyll levels to plant water status, multi- andhyper-spectral aerial and satellite imagery while the real position isprecisely decided by comparing with GLatLng information using data radiocommunication and GPS positioning.radiomodem- oil

Dataradio applications in oil field as a very important market see a strong growsfor flow measurement, pipeline level, sensor, process control, valve control,SCADA data communication, pistol positioning and alarming system.

 radio modem street


Industrialtelemetry & wireless remote control

Gasand oil flow monitoring

Electricity,water and gas utilities

Earthquake,weather, environmental protection and urban lighting control

Vehicletracking and asset tracking systems

Watermonitoring, wastewater management and irrigation control

Railway,police, army automation system

Aerialdefense and fire alarm system

WirelessPaging system


FC-seriesData Radio



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