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LoRaWAN Standard Protocol Application Solution 

Low-power, wireless, real-time, centralized data acquisition solution developed for smart meter, smart city, 

smart monitoring and other multi-user level requirements such as reading, acquisition, and management.

• Large-scale networking:  Single gateway can access 5000 terminals 
• Low power consumption: End node data upload time can be set by user,  
  battery life expectancy greater than 5 years
• Long Range: 164dB link budget, non-blocked transmission distance >15km
• Interference immunity: Spread spectrum technology eliminates multipath 
   interference and ensures receiver sensitivity
• Security: LoRaWAN standard encryption protocol for data security

• Easy to deploy: Fast, flexible infrastructure for easy networking. One concentrator can access 500 terminals
• Low cost: Concentrators and terminal construction costs are low, system has no operating costs
• Personalization: Corporate privately owned network

LoRa Big Data Management Platform

Management of nodes are used according to different permissions of logged-in user. Using system remote 

service, business operations include opening an account, meter reading, payment, price analysis, data analysis, 

and control management for terminal devices such as water meters/gas meters can be performed.

LoRa Big Data Management Platform

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