FC-703C Wireless M-BUS module with embedded wireless M-Bus Protocol was announced  by Friendcom. The newly developed Module supports  EN13757-4:2012 .FC-703C module works in S, T ,R2 and C modes, and operates in 12 channels in the 868 MHz frequency band.We are very excited that a state of the art design and lean production make the FC-703C Wireless M-BUS module  a high quality product and a cost-killer.The development of a serial M-BUS products is under way.

The next generation of water metering

An innovative design - maintenance free, with  Cellmesh self healing technology. The L-Cellmesh water meter network overcomes all global network issues, providing real time, no-breaking data transmission, anti-tapping solutions for water utilities.

High performance, low cost?  Answered!

L-Cellmesh water meter provides a genuine low cost solution with significant savings, whilst promoting a stable platform of trust between customer and provider.

Our world faces many challenges. Water resource scarcity and increasing demand represent opposing trends that could undermine social stability. The urgent need for conservation, data accuracy and timeliness, as well as operational efficiency and distribution system integrity, has never been more pronounced.



Cellmesh network is widely deployed for wireless meter reading system. L-CellMesh is derived from CellMesh network with an ultra-low power management technology to support battery-powered devices.
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Wireless M-bus modules
Wireless M-bus Supported metering systmen consists of a number of heat,gas and water meters that report their reading data to a concentrator
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Our ISM modules offer you the high-performance, low-cost wireless solutions. A user friendly interface saves your time and money. Your Smart choice at the most cost-effective way.
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Super large-scale deployment of M2M networks in china!

32 millions of electric power meters all over the country are talking with backoffice of Chinese State Grid by Utilising FRIENDCOM wireless modules. 

Let's join the fantastic  world of M2M together. 

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